descriptionModern Multiplatform Dive Log
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last changeWed, 25 Nov 2015 20:08:28 +0000 (12:08 -0800)
5 hours ago Dirk HohndelDon't overwrite air temperature master
8 hours ago Dirk HohndelRemove unused code
30 hours ago Dirk HohndelLocation completion matches on whole name
31 hours ago Dirk HohndelCmake: fix building of Subsurface-mobile on Mac
31 hours ago Robert C. HellingDrag and Drop Images
31 hours ago Robert C. HellingOnly close html tags if they were opened before
31 hours ago Robert C. HellingCGI script wrapper for
31 hours ago Robert C. HellingInterpret - as STDOUT on writing xml files
31 hours ago Pedro NevesUpdate INSTALL file to reflect new dependencies
2 days ago Wendie FisherLast set of updates to the user manual in this round
6 days ago Lubomir I.... main.qml: fix crash on native Win32 desktop
6 days ago Lubomir I.... subsurface-mobile-main.cpp: fix unused variable 'applic...
6 days ago Dirk HohndelAnother missing call to mark_divelist_changed
6 days ago Lubomir I.... libdivecomputer.h: fix warning with DC_VERSION on Win32
6 days ago Dirk HohndelapplyLocations should be a void function
6 days ago Lubomir I.... gpslocation.cpp: fix signed vs unsinged int comparison...
4 weeks ago v4.5.1 v4.5.1 Release tag for...
6 weeks ago v4.5.0 Release tag for Subsurface 4.5
7 weeks ago v4.4.98 Release tag for Subsurface 4.4.98
2 months ago v4.4.97 Release tag for Subsurface 4.4.97
2 months ago v4.4.96 Release tag for Subsurface 4.4.96
4 months ago start First commit
6 months ago v4.4.2 Release tag for Subsurface 4.4.2
9 months ago v4.4.1 Release tag for Subsurface 4.4.1
9 months ago v4.4.0 Release tag for Subsurface 4.4
9 months ago v4.3.970 Release tag for Subsurface 4.3.970
9 months ago v4.3.960 Release tag for Subsurface 4.3.960
10 months ago v4.3.950 Release tag for Subsurface 4.3.950
11 months ago v4.3 Release tag for Subsurface 4.3
11 months ago v4.2.91 Release tag for Subsurface 4.2.91
12 months ago v4.2.90 Release tag for Subsurface 4.2.90
12 months ago v4.2.1 Release tag for Subsurface 4.2.1
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