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last changeWed, 28 Sep 2016 04:34:15 +0000 (21:34 -0700)
2 days ago Rick WalshUser manual: include tissue heatmap graphics master
2 days ago Robert C. HellingAdd icon for heat-map
2 days ago Robert C. HellingDocument the heat map in the manual.
4 days ago Dirk HohndelClean up group handling in SettingsObjectWrapper
4 days ago Dirk HohndelMake sure we remember the dive computer vendor and...
5 days ago Dirk HohndelCorrectly hook up visibility toggle for tissue heat map
5 days ago Dirk HohndelHook up the code to toggle DC reported ceiling visibility
5 days ago Dirk HohndelFirst stab at Release Notes for 4.6 Beta 1
5 days ago Dirk HohndelBring in ReleaseNotes from 4.5.6
5 days ago Dirk HohndelGet README ready for the first Beta
5 days ago Dirk HohndelPrint out Beta version numbers on About screen
5 days ago Rick WalshSeparate VPM-B conservatism preference for planner...
5 days ago Rick WalshRename conservatism_level to vpmb_conservatism
5 days ago Miika TurkiaSupport for comma as field separator for ADP
5 days ago Miika TurkiaSupport h:m:s format for duration on CSV import
7 days ago Dirk HohndelCorrectly pick up the UI language from settings
5 months ago v4.5.5 release tag for Subsurface-v4.5.5
6 months ago v4.5.4 Subsurface 4.5.4 release tag
9 months ago v4.5.3 Subsurface 4.5.3 release tag
10 months ago v4.5.2 Subsurface 4.5.2 release tag
11 months ago v4.5.1 v4.5.1 Release tag for...
11 months ago v4.5.0 Release tag for Subsurface 4.5
11 months ago v4.4.98 Release tag for Subsurface 4.4.98
12 months ago v4.4.97 Release tag for Subsurface 4.4.97
12 months ago v4.4.96 Release tag for Subsurface 4.4.96
14 months ago start First commit
16 months ago v4.4.2 Release tag for Subsurface 4.4.2
19 months ago v4.4.1 Release tag for Subsurface 4.4.1
19 months ago v4.4.0 Release tag for Subsurface 4.4
19 months ago v4.3.970 Release tag for Subsurface 4.3.970
20 months ago v4.3.960 Release tag for Subsurface 4.3.960
20 months ago v4.3.950 Release tag for Subsurface 4.3.950
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4 months ago v4.5-branch
5 months ago mergeKirigamiPort
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