descriptionModern Multiplatform Dive Log
last changeTue, 17 Oct 2017 19:36:35 +0000 (15:36 -0400)
11 hours ago Dirk HohndelLatest translations master
17 hours ago Jan Muldermobile: silence deprecated messages in logging about...
18 hours ago Jan Muldermobile: fix initial setup with no repo or meta info
18 hours ago Jan Muldermobile: No cloud repo creation more explicit
20 hours ago Stefan FuchsTaxonomy: Don't access empty entries when printing...
20 hours ago Stefan FuchsTags for geo references: Nicer look, translations and...
20 hours ago Stefan FuchsCorrect spelling for text in prefs georeferences
22 hours ago Jan MulderFix Android compile error
37 hours ago bsConnect finished signal of download thread only once
38 hours ago Stefan FuchsTidy up code in planner.c - create_dive_from_plan()
38 hours ago Stefan FuchsFix dump_plan debug code
38 hours ago Stefan FuchsPlanner creating dive from plan: No pressure for 1st...
39 hours ago Stefan FuchsCorrectly name member function gasChange of DivePlanner...
39 hours ago Stefan FuchsIn planner prefer best_first_ascend_cylinder for gas...
39 hours ago Stefan FuchsDon't confuse cyl with same gasmix with best_first_asce...
39 hours ago Stefan FuchsPlanner: Autom. move first datapoint gas to first gasli...
5 months ago v4.6.4 Release tag for Subsurface 4.6.4
7 months ago v4.6.3 Release tag for Subsurface 4.6.3
7 months ago v4.6.2 Release tag for Subsurface 4.6.2
8 months ago v4.6.1 Release tag for Subsurface 4.6.1
9 months ago v4.6.0 Release tag for Subsurface 4.6
9 months ago v4.5.97 Release tag for Subsurface 4.5...
10 months ago v4.5.96 Release tag for Subsurface 4.5...
17 months ago v4.5.6 release tag for Subsurface-v4.5.6
18 months ago v4.5.5 release tag for Subsurface-v4.5.5
19 months ago v4.5.4 Subsurface 4.5.4 release tag
22 months ago v4.5.3 Subsurface 4.5.3 release tag
23 months ago v4.5.2 Subsurface 4.5.2 release tag
23 months ago v4.5.1 v4.5.1 Release tag for...
2 years ago v4.5.0 Release tag for Subsurface 4.5
2 years ago v4.4.98 Release tag for Subsurface 4.4.98
2 years ago v4.4.97 Release tag for Subsurface 4.4.97
11 hours ago master
15 months ago android_test
17 months ago v4.5-branch
18 months ago mergeKirigamiPort
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