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last changeWed, 24 Aug 2016 20:36:32 +0000 (13:36 -0700)
47 hours ago Dirk HohndelAndroid build: try to create APK that works on Android 7.0 master
7 days ago Dirk HohndelDon't build Kirigami as a library
8 days ago Anton Lundinscripts: Don't build marble for mobile
8 days ago Anton Lundinscripts: run all scripts with -e
8 days ago Joakim BygdellAndroid build: compile kirigami
10 days ago Dirk HohndelHide compile time warning
10 days ago Dirk HohndelQML UI: set a reasonable default column width
10 days ago Dirk HohndeliOS build: no need to build kirigami library anymore
10 days ago Dirk HohndeliOS build: directly include Kirigami
10 days ago Dirk HohndelRevert "Init Kirigami resources"
10 days ago Dirk HohndelQML UI: format numbers for Theme info
10 days ago Dirk HohndelInit Kirigami resources
10 days ago Dirk HohndelRemove hacks around Kirigami issues
11 days ago Dirk HohndelIOS build: compile kirigami plugin
12 days ago Linus TorvaldsFill in divecomputer serial number and firmware version...
12 days ago Linus TorvaldsFix cloud storage authentication attempt counting
4 months ago v4.5.5 release tag for Subsurface-v4.5.5
5 months ago v4.5.4 Subsurface 4.5.4 release tag
8 months ago v4.5.3 Subsurface 4.5.3 release tag
9 months ago v4.5.2 Subsurface 4.5.2 release tag
10 months ago v4.5.1 v4.5.1 Release tag for...
10 months ago v4.5.0 Release tag for Subsurface 4.5
10 months ago v4.4.98 Release tag for Subsurface 4.4.98
11 months ago v4.4.97 Release tag for Subsurface 4.4.97
11 months ago v4.4.96 Release tag for Subsurface 4.4.96
13 months ago start First commit
15 months ago v4.4.2 Release tag for Subsurface 4.4.2
18 months ago v4.4.1 Release tag for Subsurface 4.4.1
18 months ago v4.4.0 Release tag for Subsurface 4.4
18 months ago v4.3.970 Release tag for Subsurface 4.3.970
19 months ago v4.3.960 Release tag for Subsurface 4.3.960
19 months ago v4.3.950 Release tag for Subsurface 4.3.950
47 hours ago master
2 months ago android_test
3 months ago v4.5-branch
4 months ago mergeKirigamiPort
5 months ago foratdotde
6 months ago dcDownload
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8 months ago Mtest
9 months ago testing
9 months ago testTomaz
10 months ago pictimeshift
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