descriptionModern Multiplatform Dive Log
last changeSun, 26 Feb 2017 16:20:31 +0000 (08:20 -0800)
23 min ago Robert C. HellingCall the cylinder working pressure "starting pressure... master
21 hours ago Dirk HohndelUpdate translation source strings
23 hours ago Jeremie GuichardFix trailing '\r' test failure on Windows
23 hours ago Jeremie GuichardImprove install and test rules for Windows test execution
23 hours ago Jeremie GuichardFix dlllist.cmake not to use hard coded path to link.txt
23 hours ago Jeremie GuichardMove CMake variables printing into a utility macro
23 hours ago Salvador Cuñatsmtk-import: Fix freeing unallocated memory
23 hours ago Jan MulderAdd 4 file types op file-open logbook menu filter,...
23 hours ago Jan MulderCorrect file list in file-open filter box
2 days ago Dirk HohndelFirst pass at ReleaseNotes for 4.6.3
2 days ago Dirk HohndelAdd subsurface_stat for Mac
2 days ago Jeremie GuichardFix "Load/Save to cloudstorage" for non-ASCII user...
2 days ago Jeremie GuichardMake TestGitStorage::testGitStorageLocal parametrizable
2 days ago Jeremie GuichardReplace pPrintable with qUtf8Printable in TestGitStorage
2 days ago Jeremie GuichardUse SUBSURFACE_TEST_DATA definition to point to test...
2 days ago Dirk HohndelBring back style sheet HTML for planner output
6 days ago v4.6.2 Release tag for Subsurface 4.6.2
13 days ago v4.6.1 Release tag for Subsurface 4.6.1
5 weeks ago v4.6.0 Release tag for Subsurface 4.6
7 weeks ago v4.5.97 Release tag for Subsurface 4.5...
2 months ago v4.5.96 Release tag for Subsurface 4.5...
10 months ago v4.5.6 release tag for Subsurface-v4.5.6
10 months ago v4.5.5 release tag for Subsurface-v4.5.5
11 months ago v4.5.4 Subsurface 4.5.4 release tag
14 months ago v4.5.3 Subsurface 4.5.3 release tag
15 months ago v4.5.2 Subsurface 4.5.2 release tag
16 months ago v4.5.1 v4.5.1 Release tag for...
16 months ago v4.5.0 Release tag for Subsurface 4.5
16 months ago v4.4.98 Release tag for Subsurface 4.4.98
17 months ago v4.4.97 Release tag for Subsurface 4.4.97
17 months ago v4.4.96 Release tag for Subsurface 4.4.96
19 months ago start First commit
23 min ago master
8 months ago android_test
9 months ago v4.5-branch
10 months ago mergeKirigamiPort
11 months ago foratdotde
12 months ago dcDownload
14 months ago ios
14 months ago Mtest
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15 months ago testTomaz
16 months ago pictimeshift
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